[SCA-AE] Pennsic Archery Champions

Cetach Fitzgibbon cetach at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 09:00:39 EDT 2008

Greetings Archers of Aethelmearc,

I want to take this moment to encourage all the wonderful archers of
Aethelmearc attending Pennsic to get out your gear and try out for the
Champion's Team. We have some of the best archers in the known world and yet
our representation on the Champion's Team has been deficient in recent
years. Yes, there are only 15 spots available to the allies but if we don't
even show up then we won't get any spots.

The shoot starts Monday, August 4 at 9am. It's a long, tough shoot. I won't
kid you. But it's infinately worth it. If you consider youself an archer in
the service of our Kahn, then it is your duty to make the best showing you

To get on the team, you need to make it to the practices. Champions
practices will be Saturday, August 2 at 5 pm and Sunday at 6 pm. The best
thing to do is show up to both practices and show off your skills. If you
can't make it to both, make it to at least one and shoot your heart out. My
experience tells me that dedication goes a long way towards impressing the
Captains of the teams.

If you're wondering what to practice before then, practice long range
shooting, timed shooting and unknown distances.

I've been on the team for the past several years, some of those as the only
representative of Aethelmearc and I've had my share of the glory. I want to
see new faces on the range. I want to see a strong showing of archers. I
want the rest of the known world to discover what I have always known, that
the archers of Aethelmearc are a force to be reckonned with.

If you want to talk to me about this, I can be found with Hunter's Home in
B7, behind Caid Royal, just off the battlefield on the road to the archery
range. I'll be on site sometime Saturday August 2.

If we get a strong showing, I will gladly decline a spot on the team for a
new face.

Yours in Service,

Cetach Fitzgibbon
An Saghdeoir Scanrúil sin

"Tig leat rith ach ní ach tuirseach a fhaighidh tú bás."

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