[SCA-AE] AE Chatelaine and Newcomer Pennsic activities

Lindsay Baldassano gilamere at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 21:56:19 EDT 2008

Greetings AEthelmearc,
Here are the planned activites sponsored by the AEthelmearc Kingdom Chatelaine's office.  
For more information, please email Lady Rowan, our Kingdom Chatelaine.  
Please pass this information along to any chatelaines, hospitallers, castellans, and newcomers you know!
Fru Ellisif
Deputy to AE Kingdom Chatelaine

Plans include: 

1) Newcomer Social in AE Royal Encampment, Sunday Aug. 3rd at 2 pm. Light refreshments served.

2) Newcomer Bus Tours, Location at Battlefield Bus Station near Troll, Sunday Aug 3rd and Monday Aug. 4th at 3'- 4' ish...Please check bus schedule at Pennsic Information booth for exact arrival times at this location.

3) Myself and Deputy Ellisiff have volunteered to teach Organizing Your Chatelaine Office and Cyber Chat classes. Other classes available for Newcomers and Chatelaine Officers are being offered through Pennsic University. Check Pennsic Booklets for class schedules.

4) Due to an oversight on my part in scheduling, a Kingdom Chatelaine's meeting will not take place at War this year. However, last year the Newcomer Social brought many Chatelaine's together and it's my hope it will do the same this year!
gilamere at yahoo.com
(Lindsay Baldassano / Ellisif of Endless Hills)
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