[SCA-AE] slightly OT: tornado warnings!

myfanwy at nauticom.net myfanwy at nauticom.net
Tue Jul 22 21:05:49 EDT 2008

Greetings from Myfanwy!
We were over at Bran Dubh and Hilda's for brewing and Channel 11 news
broke into the show they were airing about a tornado warning for Beaver,
Lawrence & Butler Counties.  It's supposed to be up till 9:15pm (it's
around 9 now).
The Weather Channel seems more interested in Hurricane Dolly at the
moment, but I looked online at the NOAA website and areas affected
included New Castle, Prospect and Slippery Rock, as well as McConnell's
Mills and Moraine State Parks.
I was wondering how folks up there were weathering the storm (as well as
how Cooper's Lake fared.
Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon
Ruth Morrisson
myfanwy at nauticom.net

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