[SCA-AE] A&S at Pennsic

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Tue Jul 22 21:00:42 EDT 2008

,Mistress Elisabeth, 
Tues is the Known World A&S, from 9am to 4pm -  won't it be a  conflict to 
ask the artisans to set up in two places?
Weep dogs, if you have time to weep, weep dogs; the pup Pitulus is  dead. Who 
was Pitulus? The chief concern and grief of his master. What was his  
function: That this lrrge master should love small dog - that was his duty, to  play 
before his master. What was the use of that? There was none - if not  
laughter. Whoever saw you, whoever knew you - loved you and grieves now over  your 
demise. - Thierry of Thrond--c12th Century  

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