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Tue Jul 22 20:55:58 EDT 2008

Greetings from Myfanwy!
What specific time(s) is this being scheduled?  The same 1-4 timeslot as
the meetings?  Earlier?  Later?  That's the same day as Court, right?
BTW -- I would *LOVE* this.  It would a) get me out of herald's point for
a while, and b) I would already have stuff out to work on for later on at
If I have time to do this I would probably only need a bench, not table
Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon
Ruth Morrisson
myfanwy at nauticom.net

> Greetings to everyone from Elisabeth Johanna von der Flossenburg, Your
> Kingdom MoAS
> On Tuesday of war week from 1-4 pm Aethelmearc Royal  will host several
> Known world A&S Meetings.  The Society
> MoAS will host his anual meeting for all the Known World MoASs.  Lady
> Katla will host a Known World Hound Meeting.  Mistress Rhiannon is
> hosting an Ice Dragon Pent Meeting.
> This gave me the idea, and with Their Majesties Permission, which I did
> ask for and was granted, I will voice this idea right now:
> I would like to dedicate the afternoon of Tuesday of War Week to the
> Arts and Sciences and would like to invite every Aethelmearc Artisan at
> Pennsic to participate in an Artisans Row.  What does that mean?  The
> open space in aethelmeatc Royal will be Playground of all Aethelmearc
> artisans for that afternoon.  Please bring your Art and work on it.
> Benches and tables will be there.  Let's show the Known World what
> great talent is in Aethelmearc.  Our scribes have been doing this for
> 10 years and are doing it every afternoon during scribal playtime, so I
> invite alol the other artisans to do the same.  Knitters come sit
> together and knit, spinners bring your drop spindles and wheels, bards
> come and entertain, Just please not too loud, we still have to be able
> to have the meetings.  But I think you all get the idea.
> If you could get in touch with me before then and let me know who is
> planning to participate it would be great.  It also would help to know
> if you need table space or if bench space is sufficient.  Let's make
> the Artisan row better than Calontir's in the merchant area!  Let's
> show everybody that Aethelmearc is the BEST!!!!!
> Thank you for helping!
> I remain in service
> Elisabeth
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