[SCA-AE] Ride to Pennsic from Pitt. Airport?

Mont Bowser corwin at swordandmug.us
Tue Jul 22 17:25:16 EDT 2008

Per the Pennsic War website, there are shuttle services available:


" Airport Orbit provides shuttles to and from Pittsburgh International 
Airport and downtown Pittsburgh Greyhound and Amtrak stations. They are 
online at AirportOrbit.com, or you can contact them at 1-877-AIR-ORBIT 
(247-6724) or info at airportorbit.com.

See other services at Pittsburgh International Airport's Taxi and Shuttles 
( http://www.pitairport.com/GroundTransServlet?transtype=taxishuttle ) 
listing. "


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Subject: [SCA-AE] Ride to Pennsic from Pitt. Airport?

> Hi everyone,
> My Pennsic ride fell through. I am considering flying into Pitt. from JFK,
> if so my flight would arrive around 5 pm Friday. Would anyone know if 
> there
> is a car service that I could hire to take me to Coopers Lake, or would
> anyone be willing to come and get me? Gas money and dinner would be 
> provided
> of course.
> Please let me know at motherkat at si.rr.com
> Thanks,
> Aine
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