[SCA-AE] Pennsic Planners, made *better*

Marybeth Griffin alanafiona at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 11:35:57 EDT 2008

On 7/22/08, Elss_of_Augsburg <elss_of_augsburg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> To a newbie like myself, these planners are great!
>  But why is Midnight Madness not shown? That has to be at least as important as what day of what week it is!
>  ;-)
>  Just laughing at myself mostly -- I'm rreally looking forward to MM!
>  Thank you again for sharing the planner......
>  Elss of Augsburgh

Hey, if I put on everything that *I* think is important, there
wouldn't be much space left ;)

And I find it funny, because I made them up for my newbie Pennsic,
because I knew I'd never be able to figure out when all the cool stuff
was happening otherwise. Heh.

Oh well - back to sewing!

Alana Griffin

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