[SCA-AE] Update on AE party and an FAQ

Lady Bryn Ni MacRose bryn at thescorre.org
Sat Jul 19 09:17:16 EDT 2008

Greetings until the populous of AEthelmearc, 

Since my last post I have had some very kind gentles and one whole 
shire contact me in reqards to my request for donations to the 
AEthelmearc party. There have been others that have contacted me 
directly and asked questions. 

One such question that some have asked is what is still needed? 

While another question that has come up is can I donate even if I do 
not or can not(for what ever reason) cook? 

Or the question of how much do I need to bring?

 Lastly there is the question - Why contact me and let me know you 
are donating?  

To that end here is some info that may help. 

Right now I have two large donations of nuts (one spicy and one 
sugared) as well as two  very large jars of olives, the rest of the 
current list consists of period pickles,  a bag of shrimp, Oreo 
truffles, ginger cookies, Guinness brownies, shortbread, and a fresh 
fruit tray. Syrups for non- alcoholic drinks, and a cold lemon 
ginger tea.  *The Wyntersett is donating $60.   *** I also have a 
small list of people who have emailed me with donations yet to be 

 That leaves lots possible stuff - from  more cookies, deviled eggs, 
(period kind or modern), cheeses, summer sausage, cubes of ham, 
peperoni, pretzels, marinated artichokes or a vegi tray are just 
some ideas. 

 Remember that while period or periodish is encouraged,  modern or 
store bought is ok too! 

Donate what you can/ are willing- no one needs to donate a lot if 
many donate a little. A LB block of cheese for example or if it is a 
fancy(read expensive cheese figure 1/2 - 1/4 LB.  A tray of cookies, 
a jar of X.  

I am only organizing the food and non alcoholic beverages. If you 
have a question about alcohol please do contact Iain mac an Bhaird. 

If you make something I ask that you either send me an ingredient 
list or drop off a copy to post with your donation. If it is store 
bought we can use the label for the ingredient list. 

 If the donation comes in a container/ or serving tray you would 
like back I ask that it is labeled on the bottom and on any lid. (I 
have one small wicker basket that no one ever claimed & I have no 
idea of the owner) 

That Monday morning I will be shopping for those things that I need 
to pick up  for the party so if you know what you are donating 
before that time if you could give me a heads up that would Rock! 
However, if you don't know yourself until that day I understand and 
I am just happy you are willing to donate. 

I will be setting up the tables and such for the party and getting 
food out just before so I figure that donations can be dropped of on 
Monday (Things that need to be kept cold I am asking to have dropped 
off 7pm or later as I will not be camping in Royal and the 
hospitality area can not keep stuff cold, nor will I be at war until 
sometime that Sunday.) 

What I am asking is that people send me their society name, the 
Barony, canton, shire or household they are to which they are 
attached (This is both so  a proper thank you can be made and so 
that when people ask about X yummy bit I can tell them who made it 
and where to find them if they want to go pick that person's brain 
at some point)

 Please note that if someone does not know what they want/ can bring 
but know they will be donating "Something"  an email 
stating "Donation yet to be determined" is fine at this point but it 
is helpful to know before that Monday as it will allow me to know 
what I need to pick up on Monday when I run out for the last minute 
stuff- be it more napkins, an extra block of cheese, more ice, what 

The AE party is always the first Monday of War week.  All of the 
populous of AEthelmearc are encouraged to come and enjoy the 
donations made by the brewers of AE and the food donated by the 
cooks/ aspiring cooks/ and generous population at large.  The party 
runs from about 8pm until Midnight or so. (Last year we were 
cleaning up and shooing the last stragglers out around 1-1:30 ish.- )

If you have a question and I have not answered it here PLEASE do 
feel free to contact me! Again my contact info is- 

Bryn AT Thescorre dot org


my cell is 585 704 5193 

THANK YOU to all!

In Service, 
THL Bryn Ni MacRose 

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