[SCA-AE] Heralds Point needs volunteers: Non-heralds welcome!

Michael Layne theherald at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 17 22:00:51 EDT 2008

On 17 July 2008, Ailis Linne said:

> I'm putting out one final call for volunteers to come work at Heralds
> Point at Pennsic this year. We're looking for non-heralds as well as
> heralds.

    I'd volunteer to help at Consult Side, except I'll be having my own concerns at Cry Side! I'm also putting out a call for volunteers --  to help cry the Merchant areas and food courts at this Pennsic, as well as to assist at the Criers' Point table. You do not have to be a warranted herald to make the announcements!

     Posted announcements will start around the middle of the first week. Cries will start on Saturday, the 2nd of August.

     Criers' Point is at the Town Hall pavilion, in St. Aiden's Square across from the Coopers' Store.

     Good luck to my counterparts on Consult Side, and I'll see you at Pennsic, in a little over a week!

In Service,

Michael Langley of Riversmeet
Pennsic 37 Cry Coordinator
theherald at hotmail.com

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