[SCA-AE] Heralds Point needs volunteers: Non-heralds welcome!

Erin Childs wanderingpixie at livejournal.com
Thu Jul 17 11:31:24 EDT 2008

Greetings all!

I'm putting out one final call for volunteers to come work at Heralds
Point at Pennsic this year.  We're looking for non-heralds as well as

First off, we are looking for heralds of ALL levels and talents.

If you're interested in consulting, we always have more submitters
than we know what to do with.  New to consulting?  No problem.  We've
got lots of knowledgeable heralds who can help you out if you get
stuck.  And if you only like working on names or armory, we can set
you up to work on only that type of submissions!

If your strength is conflict checking (but not working with
submitters), we'd love to get you to help us double-check our work.
And, well... we _always_ need good paper pushers =)

If you're better at heraldic art, we've got a whole tent dedicated to
our artists.  For artists who don't have much training in the heraldic
style, we are happy to give pointers.  Or you can just start off by
inking other artists' pencil drawings.

Not a heraldry person? Not a big book heraldry person?  Want to help
anyway?  We need volunteers to greet people as they come in and help
organize the waiting line.  And we need more volunteers to help check
folks out after they've finished their submissions.  (You do need to
be a warranted herald or exchequer to do that job, though.)  And we
almost _always_ have coloring that needs to be finished (even at 11 at

If you're interested in helping out, please stop by.  We'll have a
sign up sheet where you can sign up for blocks of time that are
convenient to your schedule.  Or, if you find yourself with free time
you weren't expecting, you can just stop by and see if we need help at
the moment.

Heralds Point opens the first Wednesday of War and is open every day
until the last Friday.  There will be people doing set up and
organization in the tent during the day on both Monday and Tuesday of
the first week.  Feel free to stop by, introduce yourself, get to know
us, and ask any questions or concerns you have about working there.

I hope you'll consider volunteering with us at War this year.  I look
forward to seeing you there!

Ailis Linne
Heralds Point Administrative Deputy

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