[SCA-AE] Pirate Festival Demo Reminder

FRANK BENZ ef-fex.b at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jul 17 08:02:44 EDT 2008

Good Day All,

This is just a reminder that the Rhydderich Hael is once again
participating in the Pirate Festival Parade this Saturday in Olcott,
NY at 12noon. This is the 11th year for it. We have a cook-out and
pending marshals open Fighter, Fencing, Thrown Weapons and Archery
practices on our property after the parade. It is the same area where
Coronation was just held and a great last minute tune up before land
grab weekend. 


Bring out the pirate in you. All are welcome to this free 

event! Check directions and contact info on the Hael's e-group page.


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