[SCA-AE] Pennsic missive

Bethany Comegys rosiebeth1884 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 15:22:26 EDT 2008

To the People of the Great and Glorious Kingdom of Aethelmearc come the
words of Khalek and Branwyn, Khan and Khatun,
All warriors must gather again at the heart of the Kingdom, bringing
with them arms and armor, but most importantly their skill and determination,
as the lands are once again invaded by the armies of nearly every Kingdom in
the Knowne world!
We require all who are able, to join us and meet these invaders who pay
us homage in battle. Come with sharpened skills and polished armor and ready to
fight as you have been all season, for the Heart of our Kingdom will be the
Heart of War for all kingdoms, known as the Pennsic War! Each morning we wish
those who fight for the honor of Aethelmearc to gather at the Royal Encampment
as an army and march to take Our field, and gather at the end of the battles to
glory in your achievements! 
Further we call to the non combatant populace to come out and keep the
inspiration for these warriors going, for it is for you that they fight, fence,
or shoot. 
And when the battle is over the day is not done, for we would have you share,
in each other’s good company, the songs and stories and dances of the day’s
deeds. Revel in the life that we have made, and cherish that as a Kingdom we
are one, and we can now fully see that, as Pennsic has come!
We have been proud to be with you these past few months, to see how you
have trained, fought, and worked to unite with us in the cause of Aethelmearc.
We look forward to being with you at Pennsic, to fighting beside you, to
celebrating with you (especially at the Kingdom Party on Monday the 4th of August at 8pm), and letting all others envy us, for we are Aethelmearc!
Khalek and Branwyn
Khan and Khatun


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