[SCA-AE] Pennsic Travel aid.

Diane K. Hauer dkhauer at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 14:21:34 EDT 2008

Greetings fair AEthelmearc.

I will once again be traveling through my ol'home land on the way to Pennsic.

In the past I have stopped at a hotel to catch a nights sleep or stopped in Rochester to stay with family. A hotel is possible but not preferred, and staying in Rochester is not feasible this year. The schedule requires that I be onsite and all set up by about noon Friday August 1st. It also requires that I be awake and happy. :-)

I was wondering if anyone would be willing/available to have me crash at their place for Thursday July 31st. I would be arriving around 8:30/10:00pm.
I would then be leaving earlyish on Friday to make camp.

I have the option of taking one of two routes. My preference would be to make it to about an hour or two North or East of Coopers Lake.

Thank you

Lady Svanhildr Karlsdottir

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