[SCA-AE] Gate Guards AE Royal

Michael B. Greenstein greenstein at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 14 16:48:45 EDT 2008

> It is 2 weeks to Pennsic and I am still extremely lacking in guards for
> the AEthelmearc Royal encampment!!

Just build a large version of the Trap of Sir Havahart for when the gate is 
unguarded, and don't tell anyone.  AEthelmearc subjects either know how to 
avoid the Trap, or are released after payment of a small tax; opportunistic 
foreigners are held for ransom, to the delight of our Exchequer and the 
amusement of the populace.  Foe-bating will be encouraged; it could even 
become a tradition for our brave fighters on their way to battle.

I get a cut of the take for suggesting it, right?

- Michael

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