[SCA-AE] Gate Guards AE Royal

Ireland-delfs, Orilee Orilee.Ireland-delfs at xerox.com
Mon Jul 14 16:25:41 EDT 2008

It is 2 weeks to Pennsic and I am still extremely lacking in guards for
the AEthelmearc Royal encampment!!


Are we going to allow the other kingdoms to outdo us in pageantry?


Are we going to allow OUR Kingdom encampment to be bare of guards?


All it takes is a an hour or two of your time during Pennsic!  We
provide shade, water, maybe even cookies!  And, you are right across the
street from the merchant area so you can fit in some shopping before or


Households, groups, guilds, all are welcome to come and help AEthelmearc
look spiffy at War!


Contact me for available dates and times!



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