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Greetings from Myfanwy!
Thank you for forwarding this (even though it's simply terrible news). 
I've know Master El a really long time, and was very sad to hear this.
Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon
Ruth Morrisson
myfanwy at nauticom.net

> Forwarded from the Pennsic bardic list, for those who know (or know of)
> Master El:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> This is the latest on Master El from Lord Eloi (his protege and the
>> point man for his care). Eloi's address is camorissette [at] aol [dot]
>> com.
>>         Steffan ap Kennydd
>> > Hello all,
>> >
>> >    This update is one that I need listened to and forwarded rapidly.
>> > I am not happy to have to say that people should make time to see
>> > Elliot.  We met with his doctors today and they told him we have hit
>> > the roof in the getting better department.  He will almost certainly
>> > never leave a hospital bed again.  After such a huge turn around, he
>> > is aware and talking clearly and understands all this, to hear that
>> > has taken some wind from our sails.  Lucky for me I can get angry.
>> > His response when he heard this prognosis was "he's dead Jim."  He
>> > skipped Dialysis the other day so that is where I got to get angry.
>> > *I told him that if he starts giving up that he needs to give me
>> > notice and allow people time to see him while he can still be him.  He
>> > didn't really take the bait and get feisty, he said yes, he would like
>> > to see people. * The doctors told him he could stop all treatment and
>> > make him comfortable, this killed me.  I am worried that having seen
>> > him during this exchange that he won't fight this long.  He is at the
>> > Providence VA, 6a.  I bring all cards and e-mailed well wishes to him,
>> > don't hesitate to write please.  Thank you all for everything.
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