[SCA-AE] Æthelmearc Royal Encampment at Pennsic

Bethany Comegys rosiebeth1884 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 12:07:53 EDT 2008

Greetings Michael, and To Our Noble Populace!
As usual, AEthelmearc Royal Encampment will be split into two sections. The back section will be Our private home, the front will be open to the populace of AEthelmearc. Our view is that it be treated similarly to a government building in mundane life: As a welcoming place for the populace, as a place where one can locate or leave messages for the royalty and officers, but primarily as a place for official business such as meetings, vigils, classes, courts and the scribal work that takes place in the two scribal pavilions. In the evenings, there will be various activities and all are free to take part in and/or be entertained by the bardic activities. 
The hospitality table, as always, will provide water and information and will take messages for Us.
As a reminder, you are all invited to the AEthelmearc Party, Monday night at 8 o'clock. We hope you'll come, and if you are musicians or dancers, bring your instruments and your dancing feet! 
We ask that you consider Royal closed from midnight to six a.m. every night to allow people to rest.
Thank you for asking, and We look forward to seeing you all at Pennsic!
-TRM Khalek and Branwyn
            Khan                Khatun


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