[SCA-AE] [ae-mod] About Sewing Leather

Gail Lefkowitz lefkowitzga at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 23:28:30 EDT 2008

>"Isn't there a great method for sewing
>trim flat on round collars?"

To sew the trim flat onto a rounded neckline without distorting the neck, baste or pin and then sew the first seam on the outside (lower) edge of the trim - which is larger than the inside (upper) edge.  Then use an iron with lots of steam to get the inside edge to lie flat.  If the inside edge is sewn first, there may not be enough trim for the larger bottom edge.

For wider trims, it might be useful to run a gathering stitch on the longest setting for the sewing machine, and gather the inside edge to match the neck-hole.  For the most part, a good steam-pressing will give the same effect, but this is another option.

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