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> First let me congratulate Ayreton on the continuing
> advancement to 
> becoming I beleive the first shell barony of the Midlands. 
> Now on to the subject at hand.
> I have once again been asked by the forces that be, to
> participate as 
> Sal-al din during the crusader vs saracen battle at pennsic
> this 
> year. But as luck would have it. I have been unable to
> attned ANY 
> events this year due to mundane shedules with a the
> ren-faire 
> circuit. And as such I fear the side of the crescent will
> be very 
> sorley lacking, ( more so than last year, 17 vs 100, no
> joke. )
> I hearby humbly ask all that read this, whether they be
> fighters or 
> not to spread the word about this battle at Pennsic,
> we're really 
> trying to bring it up to speed like te battle of the
> thirty, I.E 
> period armor for the persona, period weapon styles for the
> battles, 
> no great swords, two swords. 
> It was a lot of fun last year despite the very uneven odds.
> And please if you are a fighter, and going to pennisc,
> please join in 
> hte fray as a member of the mighty army of Sal- al din. All
> we ask 
> ofr is a resonable attempt at the period, It's easy a
> tabard for 
> crusadres or tunic for saracens. 
> Also if you aren't a fighter but have a mideastern
> persona, (and 
> going to pennisc too) Please come add to the atmosphere of
> the 
> scenario. 
> PLease feel free to share this with as many people as
> possible and 
> please feel free to cross post this. 
> Vargas

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