[SCA-AE] Looking for ride to Pennsic from Pittsburgh

Michael Layne theherald at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 3 00:27:03 EDT 2008

Good Gentles, I am seeking a ride from Pittsburgh up to Pennsic on 26 July, the first Saturday of the War. While the Greyhound bus can get me most of the way -- from Charleston, WV, to the Greyhound station in Pittsburgh, I will have to make other arrangements for the final leg of the trip to Pennsic! (I would be willing to contribute towards the cost of fuel for the trip.) (I also will be needing a ride back to Pittsburgh at the end of the event.)

    I presently intend to arrive in Pittsburgh at 12:45 PM on the 26th, and to board a bus for Charleston in Pittsburgh at 8 PM on Saturday the 9th of August.

    Thanks for any help anybody can provide!

    I can be reached at my email address listed below.

Michael Langley of Riversmeet
theherald at hotmail.com

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