[SCA-AE] AEthelmearc Party! :)

amerwin amerwin at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 12:48:57 EDT 2008

Greetings to one and all!  (If you saw this on the cooks list I 
appologize in advance) 

I write to remind people that again this year at War there will be a 
grand party held in AEthelmearc Royal on Monday of War week.  To 
this end I THL Bryn Ni MacRose do most sincerly call out to the many 
talented cooks and assireing cooks of the kingdom that any and all 
who would be willing and able to donate yummy snack bits- be they 
cookies, cheeses, finger foods of what ever sort - (all donations 
greatly accepted - period or not glaringly modern encouraged )   

PLEASE do offer something to the party this year!   We had some 
wonderful people step up last year including:  Two children from 
Delftwood!  ( Thomas Stuart Goodwin of Delftwood age 9  made a 
monkey bread kind of thing and Margare't Dathidottir  of Delftwood 
age 11 made cheddar biscuits )   If you were one of the generous 
souls who pitched in last year I thank you and can only hope you 
will step forward again this year. If you did not offer something 
last year I hope you can/and will this year.

 Or should I ask if you will be one of the people out done by the 
children of our glorious kingdom?  

(Gentle smile - raised eyebrow- No I am not above a little guilt-  
Here is your chance to shine! Please contact me!

I am coordinating the food for the party. 
You can reach me at any of the following -
585 704 5193 cell
amerwin  at yahoo  dot com
Bryn at thescorre dot org  
Yours in service,
Bryn Ni MacRose

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