[SCA-AE] ANNOUNCE: Pennsic Firewood Quarantine

Caryl caryl at faerhaga.org
Wed Jul 2 17:04:28 EDT 2008

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Forwarded by request of Duchess Marion, 
Deputy Mayor for Pennsic Information Services

> Pennsic travelers, please take note --
> The Pennsic Information Services staff has just confirmed that the
> firewood quarantine from last year is still in effect in PA.  The only

> hardwood firewood you can bring into Pennsylvania is packaged,
> kiln-dried firewood.  There are additional restrictions if you are 
> transporting firewood within PA.
> Firewood purchased locally must be left behind when you return home.
> For details, please see
> http://www.pennsicwar.org/penn37/GENERAL/firewood.html
> Please share this information with others who may not be on this list.
> Mistress Jessa d'Avondale
> Pennsicwar.org webmaster

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