Getting the EXACT tilesize of an image

Martin Weihrauch m.weihrauch at
Sun Mar 24 15:24:55 EDT 2019

Hi everyone:

I have the following question: To quickly serve tiles out of formats, I wanted to know: is there the possibility to get the exact tilesize of an image through OpenSlide?

E. g., if Aperio uses 240x240 px tiles, wouldn’t it be good that on the client side, I present also 240x240px tiles and by requesting them through OpenSlide, they don’t have to be “processed” by OpenSlide, i. e. OpenSlide does not have to create a whole new tile, but use an existing one. What I am trying to say is: extracting an existing tile from a Tiff Pyramid should be way faster than creating a new tile (image in memory), copying regions from existing tiles onto it and returning the result.



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