Is it possible to create/edit WSI using openslide?

Derek Magee D.R.Magee at
Fri Feb 15 21:45:47 EST 2019

Unfortunately not. Openslide is a read only library. I'd recommend libtiff for writing svs (it's just a tiled tiff with a particular structure). If you search back through the mailing list archived I posted a c++ example. Not sure how you'd do it in python, but there may be libtiff bindings.


On 15 Feb 2019 22:54, Henrik Marklund <marklund at> wrote:

Hi all,

I am new to the mailing list. I am using openslide and the python API working with .svs files. Apart from just reading slides, I was wondering if it possible to create a whole slide image from a set of patches using openslide. Ideally, I could be able to just edit an existing svs file directly: read a patch, edit the patch, update the svs with the new patch.

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