OpenSlide Viewer with cropping?

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Hi Martin,

HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager ( does that (including extracting many annotated regions simultaneously to zip file of png/tiff/bmp/jpegs at arbitrary resolution). The basic version is free (just mail for a download link and free licence) and has that functionality. Didn't I send you a version before? Happy to send latest version (It's come on some since then).


Derek Magee

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Hi everyone:

Does anyone have an OpenSlide viewer for Windows, with which I can also extract regions?

There is this "old" software by Aperio, ImageScope, which had a great functionality, where you could view an image, select an area with a rectangle, then crop and even determine, if the cropped region should be resized. You could export to TIFF, BigTiff, JPEG2000 and regular jpeg (if below 65,000 pixels).

I had developed an OpenSlide viewer for Windows (which I am happy to share), but without cropping.

Best regards

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