Add support for DICOM (aka Supp 145) #157

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Thu Oct 6 23:58:53 EDT 2016

On Mon, Oct 03, 2016 at 02:18:14PM +0200, Mathieu Malaterre via openslide-users wrote:
> Case 2: A single file contains a single JPEG stream
> I did not have any dataset, so I used GDCM to split the above dataset
> into individual file. In this case the header is 104K (x 4824 files).
> This is nasty mostly because the ICC profile is repeated in every
> single file (that may explain why no vendor choose to implement this
> option).

As I understand the spec, all tiles from a given level, Z-plane, and
wavelength must be stored in a single image object, and thus in a single
file.  (I think that's also what David is saying?)  Am I misunderstanding
the spec, or is there another reason that there could be a large number of

> So even in the Case 2, this represent ~512Mo in memory. Does that
> correspond to other slice format ?

It's significantly more memory than other formats.  If we ship our own
parser, that shouldn't really be an issue: we'd free the DICOM parse trees
before the end of openslide_open(), and we'd probably only have one file's
parse tree in RAM at a time.

> All DICOM toolkits read the entire file, using there own memory buffer...

To be clear: you're saying that GDCM and DCMTK need to load all of the image
*data* into RAM, not just the metadata?

> I assumed a DICOMDIR would be available but if you tell me how to handle
> the other case in the openslide framework, I can adapt the code.

For the multiple-file case, we can't go hunting around the filesystem for
"related files" so we'll need a DICOMDIR.  If it's likely that users will
want to open individual Sup 145 files, though, we should be able to handle
those directly.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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