CPW2016 - Bioinformatics and computational pathology summit

Yves Sucaet yves.sucaet at usa.net
Fri Apr 29 07:23:18 EDT 2016

Dear OpenSliders,

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: CPW2016 - Bioinformatics and computational pathology

I'm involved in the organization of the following event. I imagine many of you
have come to the OpenSlide mailing list because you're working on projects
that we aim to have presented and discussed at this meeting.

As with earlier events, I'd be happy to facilitate a formal or informal
meeting at this occasion of OpenSlide users, should there be an interest in

When? Saturday, September 3, 2016. 
Where? Den Hague, Netherlands (during ECCB2016)
Website? http://cpw.pathomation.com

Digital pathology is increasingly used to study biological processes and
diseases as novel molecular probing and imaging techniques allow the
measurement of single molecules in whole tissue sections. Resulting
multi-gigapixel images can be viewed on a computer screen via dedicated
software. However, automated analysis of such large-scale datasets is
challenging and their combination with omics data is not trivial. This
workshop wants to facilitate bridging opportunities between the bioinformatics
and tissue image analysis communities.

This first edition is organized as a full-day workshop during ECCB 2016


The following keynote speakers have already agreed to speak at the

Jeroen Van der Laak, UMC Radboud
Jeffrey Fine, Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC


The conference solicits oral talks, posters, and proceeding papers
contributions of original work or work that was recently accepted or published
in a peer-reviewed journal or at a high level international conference. In the
latter case, the publication reference should be clearly mentioned, and the
abstracts should be checked mainly for relevance, rather than receive a full

Conference proceedings will be published by the Journal of Pathology
Informatics (http://www.jpathinformatics.org).

The program committee will decide which contributions are selected for an oral
presentation, and which ones are presented during a poster session. For
submission instructions, please refer to


Computational pathology exists at the interphase between bioinformatics,
machine learning, and digital pathology (microscopy). Submissions from all
topics of interest are welcome (non-exhaustive list):

Machine learning and image analysis for quantification in digital pathology
(in 2D & 3D),
Novel approaches (e.g. spatial or graph-based methods) to extract high-level
features (e.g. molecular networks or spatial expression patterns) from tissue
images for systems pathology,
Software development methodologies and tools to ease the exploitation of large
tissue images and integration with omics data,
Novel molecular imaging techniques on tissues (molecular pathology, next
generation pathology) and their analysis challenges, e.g. in situ
hybridization, mass spectrometry imaging of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded
tissues, mass cytometry, and other spectroscopy techniques (Raman,...)...
Research applications on non-human model organisms


Submission deadline: May 31, 2016.
Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2016.
Conference: September 3, 2016.

Organizing committee:

Yves Sucaet, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Jeroen Van der Laak, UMC Radboud, Netherlands
Marius Nap, HistoGeneX, Belgium and Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
Zev Leifer, New York College of Podiatric Medicine, USA
Yukako Yagi, Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Raphaël Marée, Université de Liège, Belgium
David Ameisen, IRIF, CNRS and Université Paris Diderot, France
Paul Van Diest, UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

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