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Hi Benjamin and Mathieu,

thanks to both of you!

>From what I understand in this case the number of levels depends on the
number of files that i put in the DICOMDIR.
For example is I use the  following file DOGDIR3 that I have created in the
following way:

$ dcmmkdir --output-file DOGDIR3 --general-purpose-dvd DOG15_20

the DOGDIR3 will have only one level, and if I do this:

$ dcmmkdir --output-file DOGDIR3 --general-purpose-dvd DOG15_20 DOG15_40

the DOGDIR3 will have three levels.

On 22 September 2015 at 08:56, Mathieu Malaterre <
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> Hi Benjamin,
> On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Benjamin Gilbert <bgilbert at>
> wrote:
> > In general, OpenSlide does not synthesize intermediate levels; we try to
> > deliver the information actually present in the slide file, and leave
> > the post-processing to the application. (There is one driver, hamamatsu,
> > which does synthesize levels due to some quirks of the format.)
> Tiles are Progressive JPEG ?
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