add DICOM (aka supp 145) support #142 Build Problem

Ivo Rakar ivo23061987 at
Sat Sep 5 09:46:35 EDT 2015

Dear openslide community:

Hi to all of you. I'm a newbie and I need some help.

I'm trying to use
and to test it with these samples
I have build the source files for windows with the windows build scripts by creating a override
directory and putting inside in a subfolder named openslide the sources
The build apparently went fine and it is working for all type of formats
except when I try to use it with the dicom samples. I get the following
error message in Eclipse( I am using the java demo from the Openslide site).

Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_31\bin\javaw.exe
File: src/openslide-decode-dicom.c, Line 713

Expression: is_start(&de)

Has anybody tried this dicom patch?
 Did I do something wrong?
Is there any plans of making a Dicom format for Openslide?
And last question in there any hope for a Generic JPEG2000 format for

Sorry for all those questions but I am working on this for a while and  I
got pretty frustrated.

Best regards

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