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Hi Keba,

Philips has two file formats: TIFF and iSyntax. OpenSlide so far only supports
the TIFF-files, see 

The TIFF files can be generated with the (web-based) software that comes with
the scanner. From the Philips user interface, make sure you select the
"EXPORT" function instead of the "download" function. The process is the same:
"export" downloads the TIFF-file to your local desktop (or browser's download
folder); "download" downloads the iSyntax-file. You're better off with the
TIFF-files: In our experience, the TIFF-files are usually 2-3 times smaller
than the iSyntax files.


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Hi all OpenSlide users,

I'm working on a OpenSlide project and I need philips format slides. Can
anyone of you show me where I can get some of them?



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