Arrived in SFO for DPA

PD Dr. M. Weihrauch martin.weihrauch at
Fri Oct 17 15:34:48 EDT 2014

Also, how does it work with file-formats anyway: If we find out
ourselves, how a certain file format works, are we automatically allowed
to implement that into OpenSlide or do the scanner-vendors have to agree
that we read their formats?

I would be especially interested in being able to read
- Olympus images (.vsi + .ets)
- Zeiss images



Am 17.10.2014 17:45, schrieb Benjamin Gilbert:
> On 10/17/2014 05:08 AM, Yves Sucaet wrote:
>> Any particular file formats you're still looking for?
> The wiki always has the current list of test data we'd like to have:
> --Benjamin Gilbert
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