Using open slide in Java Eclipse RCP based application...

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Sat Oct 11 22:30:24 EDT 2014

On 10/11/2014 02:18 PM, amay pandey wrote:
> I am implementing a slide viewer in Java Eclipse RCP framework. Today I
> come across OpenSlide and it looks very promising. The Eclipse RCP is a
> Java based application framework using which we are implementing the
> GUI. I want to understand how I can integrate OpenSlide here? Do you
> have any example?
> Is there a API documentation and guide about how to use OpenSlide in Java?

Hi Amay,

There is a complete Java binding to OpenSlide (called OpenSlide Java), 
but it is not documented nor very actively maintained.  I suggest you 
look through the source code for the org.openslide.OpenSlide class to 
get an idea of the API, and use the documentation for the OpenSlide C 
API to find out about OpenSlide's semantics.  If you're looking for an 
example, OpenSlide Java also includes a (somewhat buggy) demo viewer 

--Benjamin Gilbert

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