CZI: questions about openslide grids

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Fri Dec 19 09:54:29 EST 2014

Hi Benjamin, 

Thank you very much for this development.
I merged my local branch with master openslide branch to get your last changes, but I am unable to build openslide now, because I have an old glib version (2.24) 
and there is some functions used in openslide-vendor-hamamatsu.c that are not compatible with my glib version.
Here are the incompatibilies :
g_key_file_get_int64 (introduced in glib 2.26)

Is it mandatory to have a glib version >= 2.26 to be able to build openslide ?

Best regards,
Nicolas Souedet

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On 12/15/2014 07:30 PM, Benjamin Gilbert wrote:
> If it is impossible to overlay any regular grid on the tiles because 
> there is *no* consistent structure, the tilemap grid will not work.  
> We would need to add a new grid that looks up tiles by performing a 
> range search over the tile coordinates.  I've previously suggested 
> that that could be implemented as a wrapper around the SQLite R*Tree module.


--Benjamin Gilbert

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