CZI: questions about openslide grids

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Wed Dec 17 02:43:11 EST 2014

On 12/16/2014 05:23 AM, SOUEDET Nicolas 215310 wrote:
> Is there any other format supported that had to deal with this kind
> of issue ? I guess this is not particular to Zeiss, but maybe I am
> wrong ?

The other formats that use irregular tile placements (MIRAX, Trestle, 
Ventana) record both a tile's actual pixel coordinates and its idealized 
placement on a regular grid.  This allows the tilemap grid to do a "poor 
man's range search", using the ideal position as a starting point for a 
limited brute-force search.

If CZI only records the pixel coordinates of each tile, we've reached 
the third option in my previous email.  I don't think it's worthwhile 
trying to cleverly compute idealized tile advances (as Mathieu proposed 
on StackExchange) just so you can use the tilemap grid.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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