OpenSlide+ITK can't load image successfully

yuzhou at yuzhou at
Fri Dec 5 11:05:39 EST 2014

Hi folks,

I am developing a pathology image analysis tool using ITK and Qt. In my
program, I tried to use OpenSlide to load big svs/TIFF images. I added
ITKOpenSlideIO (downloaded from to ITK source
code and built it successfully. But in my program when I tried to set
itk::ImageIO to ITKOpenSlideIO, it cannot be set correctly. This
ITKOpenSlideIO module has not been updated for three years so I am not
sure if it can be used successfully. Does anyone known about this module
or have experience in loading whole slide images using OpenSlide in ITK?
Could you please give me some suggestions on it? Thank you all!

Yu Zhou

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