Help with handling 27 gigapixel image

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Thu May 3 14:14:07 EDT 2012

On 05/02/2012 06:29 PM, Leonid Bloch wrote:
> I have a giant image made with VIPS, in single-file pyramidal tiled TIFF
> format. (Made by: "vips im_vips2tiff test1.tif
> test.tif:deflate,tile:256x256,pyramid,,,,8" from a .v image)
> I want to do a web viewer for it, like on your demo page. I downloaded
> the Python interface, and I can see the demo page there. But as much as
> I tried I couldn't make a display of my image there.

Hello Leonid,

You will need both OpenSlide and OpenSlide Python.  Install OpenSlide with:

sudo make install

(You will need to install various -dev or -devel packages provided by 
your Linux distribution, such as the ones for libtiff and libjpeg. 
configure will complain if it can't find something.)

Then install OpenSlide Python with:

sudo python install

You should then be able to run the example Deep Zoom server program 
included with OpenSlide Python:

examples/deepzoom/ /path/to/tiled/tiff

You should then be able to connect to http://localhost:5000/ and see 
your image. is example code; you may want to customize it for 
your application.  Also, it generates tiles on demand, which is not 
appropriate if you want to serve your image to large numbers of people. 
  In this case, you may want to consider using to 
generate a complete Deep Zoom tree, which then can be served using a 
regular web server.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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