Agelos Pappas agelos at smartcode.gr
Thu Jun 21 06:00:27 EDT 2012


I managed to use OpenSlide to read LEICA's .scn files, which are tiled 
BigTIFF files with JPEG compression. To achieve this, I compiled 
OpenSlide using the latest libtiff, which supports BigTIFF and also I 
had to do some modifications in openslide-vendor-generic-tiff.c. This 
was required because of the way layers are arranged in SCN files.
So my question is, should I add a new handler for LEICA files to the 
project (so that no changes in generic tiff are required)? This would 
require modifications in openslide.c as well, to add the appropriate 
function pointers in tiff_formats[]. Could this addition be incorporated 
in OpenSlide's code repository somehow?


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