Fwd: OpenSlide library inquiry

M. Satyanarayanan satya at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jun 4 08:35:49 EDT 2012

As a community-driven and community-sustained project, OpenSlide
benefits from efforts such as yours.
Forwarding your email to the OpenSlide mailing list, which is the
appropriate forum for these questions and follow-up questions. 
Please direct future queries and comments there so that everyone
in the OpenSlide community can learn about this work and discuss it.

                                  -- Satya

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Subject: OpenSlide library inquiry
Date: Monday 04 June 2012
From: Yves Sucaet <sucaet at histogenex.com>
To: satya at cs.cmu.edu


I would like to thank you for your efforts in developing and maintaining a 
project such as OpenSlide. It has been a real lifesaver for us and has 
allowed us to do some really cool things over the past year.

We were recently able to recompile the OpenSlide library in a 64-bit 
version (which was a challenge with all the dependencies). Would you be 
interested in hosting this 64-bit version of the library and perhaps 
benchmarking it for speed?

We also have some questions at this point:
* Our current generation of the 3DHistech scanner generates MRXS files 
that cannot be read by OpenSlide. Examples of these files are at 
* Why did you choose the OpenSeadragon viewer and not some other platform 
such as e.g. Zoomify or OpenLayers? 
* Do you have plans to incorporate the ZVI format as well in OpenSlide?
* Do you have experience with Leica's BigTIFF format and how does it 
differ from the currently supported TIFF formats in OpenSlide?

Kind regards,

Yves Sucaet

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