Meeting: DPA Visions 2012 in Baltimore (oct 28-31)

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Fri Jul 20 03:39:12 EDT 2012

To all those interested: the program is at

From:   Mathieu Malaterre <mathieu.malaterre at>
To:     Yves Sucaet <sucaet at>
Date:   20-07-12 09:26
Subject:        Re: Meeting: DPA Visions 2012 in Baltimore (oct 28-31)

I have not been to Vision conference before. Are there any programs
out there (even old ones ?).
I might be interested to join.


On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 9:44 AM, Yves Sucaet <sucaet at> 
> Dear list,
> As we seem to have quite some momentum going for the OpenSlide project, 
> of us thought it would be useful to organize an informal face to face
> meeting for those interested, willing, and able.
> The Digital Pathology Association (DPA) is organizing its Visions 
> in Baltimore later this year between Oct 28-31. This would be an 
> venue to organize our own 'satellite' meeting at, as it would allow us 
> talk to various stakeholders (vendors as well as end-users) and get new
> ideas for the future and direction of the OpenSlide project. Profiling
> ourselves as a group at the conference would also allow us to get more
> exposure to the community, as well as support.
> Once we set on a date, we can set a location, and perhaps even contact 
> DPA if it would be possible to still be included on the agenda as an
> official satellite group meeting.
> Who's interested in this? Who'd be able to attend the conference on join
> these discussions?

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