Use of OpenSlide with Florescent MRXS

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Thu Dec 13 15:26:22 EST 2012

Hi Michael,

Glad to hear that OpenSlide has been useful for you!

> I've had some sucsess with bright field images taking by the Mirax, but
> no luck with the florescent images.  I was wondering if anyone else had
> similar problems, or if there was any documentation on the issue
> somewhere?

The bug you're looking for is #42.  This isn't a MIRAX problem 
specifically; OpenSlide needs some new API in order to support 
fluorescence images.

> I looked on the bug tracker and didn't see anything (though
> I did note a lot of bugs I do have, older 1.8 files not working being
> near the top of that list).

Which bugs are you encountering?  It would help us prioritize fixes.

Also: do you make significant use of MIRAX 1.8 slides in your group?  I 
wasn't sure how widely version 1.8 is used.

> we have several thousand MRXS
> files, both bright field and florescent. My PI has agreed to share some
> should there be any desire.

That would be great!  I'll email you privately to discuss.

--Benjamin Gilbert

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