Leica SCN, MIRAX 2.2, Zeiss ZVI samples added to openslide-testdata

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Aug 5 18:29:42 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Additional images have been added to the openslide-testdata dataset:

- One Leica SCN brightfield image
- One Leica SCN fluorescence image
- Three MIRAX 2.2 brightfield images
- Two Zeiss ZVI Z-stack fluorescence images
- Two Zeiss ZVI merged fluorescence images

Thanks to Yves Sucaet for collecting this data!

openslide-testdata is available here:


--Benjamin Gilbert

P.S.  We are currently in need of freely-redistributable test data for 
these formats:

- Aperio SVS with JPEG 2000 compression
- Hamamatsu VMU

If you are able to furnish sample slides in either of those formats, 
please get in touch with me.

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