NDPI File Format Support (produced by a Hamamatsu Nanozoomer Microscope)

Philippe Mailly philippe.mailly at snv.jussieu.fr
Tue Aug 30 07:08:27 EDT 2011


For those interested in reading NDPI format from Hamamatsu scanners, 
there is a possibility to use the plugin LOCI for ImageJ . For now it 
doesn't open files larger than 65000 pixels.




Le 30/08/2011 03:42, Adam Goode a écrit :
> As far as I know, there is no one working on NDPI support right now.
> The format is mostly understood, and is ready to be implemented. The
> issue is that it would take an experienced programmer about 1-2 months
> to finish the work. Because NDPI is not-quite-TIFF, a full
> not-quite-TIFF reader will need to be written for OpenSlide itself.
> The beginnings of this is already in the code.
> Inside of NDPI, you'll find not-quite-JPEG, for which you'll need to
> write a custom jpeg_src_mgr in order to hack the compressed data into
> a format that libjpeg will decode.
> Other than that, it's relatively straightforward Hamamatsu VMS:
> http://openslide.org/Hamamatsu%20format/#preliminary_ndpi_notes
> If anyone is able to provide programmer time, I would be happy to
> review code, assist with questions, and provide guidance. I do not
> have time to work on this myself, though I wish I did.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 16:41, TAE WOOK OH<taewooko at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hi Openslide folks,
>> I am wondering whether openslide supports large size NDPI file format in the
>> near future.
>> We uses ndpitiler command to read and tile ndpi images. but, it is only
>> available to be operated on windows.
>> We need an API that enables to read and tile ndpi format images, but I
>> couldn't find anywhere.
>> I knew that openslide supports api that able to read and leverage svs format
>> images.
>> but, I am curious whether openslide supports ndpi file format in the near
>> future.
>> The ndpi imaging API is an urgent requirement for current projects.
>> So, it would be great if you guys develop this feature as soon as possible,
>> and let me know your agenda or plan for this issue if you have.
>> Thanks for your response in advance.
>> ps. I posted same question for a couple of days ago.
>> and it seems that nobody answer this question.
>> Please, let me know if you guys know contact information about current
>> working group of this issue.
>> Regards,
>> Steve Oh
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