Artefacts in non Level 0 layers (mirax)

Stefan König blogdde at
Fri Apr 1 03:49:49 EDT 2011


since the new version was released the amount of artefacts increased
dramatically, before the "artefact" was just in layer 1, now i'm
getting artefacts in allmost every layer.



2011/1/19 Stefan König <blogdde at>:
> Hello,
> i'm using OpenSlide to read some Mirax files from disk. If i zoom out
> to layer 1 or 2 i get some artefacts inside the region.
> the same region in layer0 is without any kind of artefacts and interferences.
> i uploaded 2 images to illustrate the problem:
> (layer0)
> (same region in layer1)
> someone a idea how to fix it?
>  kind regards

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