Problem with MRXS format in 3.2.2

Adam Goode agoode at
Tue Jul 20 09:49:57 EDT 2010

I see the problem, the test program is always passing 0,0 to read_region
at line 120. Well, it's just a test program. :)

You can try openslide-write-png if you want to try generating some images.


On 07/19/2010 11:28 PM, tom nygen wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu 10.4 and openslide 3.2.2
> Running the included test.c with the provided test slide CMU-1.mrxs, it
> seems to me that openslide_read_region() always returns the region at 0,
> 0 no matter what x and y are given. I modified the x, y position when
> reading region in different layers and write out the images to verify
> the positions and see that the same output are produced regardless what
> x, y are set to. See modified test.c attached (diff against the original
> to see modifications, just simple changes).
> Anybody else is seeing this? Thanks.
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