openslide_read_region returns no picture data

Stefan König blogdde at
Wed Dec 8 10:21:48 EST 2010


i try to read a single region out of mirax file (just tried my own and
the sample files from, if i use
openslide_get_associated_image_dimensions() i can extract my image and
save work with them but if i try to extract a image by using
openslide_read_region my dst pointer contains nothing and there is no
exception either :(

	*width = 256;
	*height = 256;

	uint32_t* dst = new uint32_t[(*width)*(*height)*4];
	openslide_read_region(slideObject, dst, 0, 0, 1, *width, *height);

if i understand the documentation right, it should take my slide
object and write a 256x256 area begining at topleft from layer to dst?

kind regards

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