OpenSlide Python 1.1.1, new OpenSlide Windows build released

Benjamin Gilbert bgilbert at
Sun Jun 12 16:33:56 EDT 2016


OpenSlide Python 1.1.1 has been released, along with a new Windows build of
OpenSlide and OpenSlide Java.

OpenSlide Python 1.1.1 changes the default Deep Zoom tile size to 254 pixels
to improve viewer performance.  It also fixes exceptions with Pillow 3.x and
with large reads when the extension module is not installed.  We are now
distributing Python wheels for Windows on PyPI, so Windows users should be
able to "pip install openslide-python" without first installing Visual

The new Windows build fixes crashes in the 32-bit binaries when called from
code compiled by MSVC.  OpenSlide and OpenSlide Java remain at versions
3.4.1 and 0.12.1, respectively, but the rest of the stack has been updated.

As usual, they're at:

The changelog for OpenSlide Python is below.

--Benjamin Gilbert

OpenSlide Python 1.1.1

 * Change default Deep Zoom tile size to 254 pixels
 * Fix image reading with Pillow 3.x when installed --without-performance
 * Fix reading >= 2**29 pixels per call --without-performance
 * Fix some "unclosed file" ResourceWarnings on Python 3
 * Improve object reprs
 * Add test suite
 * examples: Drop support for Internet Explorer < 9

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