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Hi Benjamin, 

Sorry about the confusion on XenClient. Thanks for clarification on thin client. 

Can I export my VMs in Open Virtualization Format (OVF) and import them to the Server Olive is going to release? By the way, is there an estimated release date for the Olive server? 


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Hi Peter, 

On 08/27/2013 12:21 PM, Peter Chan wrote: 
> I use XenCenter (in the Xenserver package) to access the VMs. So, no 
> need to use XenClient. 

OK. You mentioned in your first email that you were using XenClient, so 
I assumed you were executing VMs on client systems. 

> Is "local demand-paged execution of VMs" needed 
> mainly for VMs which require heavy CPU/GPU cycles? I use XenCenter to 
> access Windows XP VMs and the responses time is acceptable. 

It's intended as a scalability measure in general. Within a university 
campus, the response time of a thin client system will likely be 
acceptable. But we believe that an executable archive will eventually 
serve users around the world, and thin clients quickly become unusable 
when the client and server are far apart. 

--Benjamin Gilbert 

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