sync_client Sieve from 2.4.20 to 3.2.2 issue

Marco falon at
Wed Jul 22 09:13:57 EDT 2020


  I have a replication issue from Cyrus IMAP 2.4.20 to 3.2.2 about sieve 

Let suppose there is a user in Cyrus IMAP 2.4.20 with

# mbpath user/gianni.ferromagnetic at

and the Sieve is in:


when the sync_client replicates the user in the Cyrus IMAP 3.2.2 I see:

$ mbpath -a user/gianni.ferromagnetic at
Sieve: /var/spool/sieve/domain/C/

So the hash path changes. Archive, data and meta path exists really as 
expected. But


doesn't exist.

The sync_client create instead


The "S" is the same hash result in master server. So it seems that for 
all data but sieve the new path is honored. For Sieve the new path "C" 
is reported by mbpath, but sync_client replicates the sieve scripts 

Both master and replica have

fulldirhash: 1
hashimapspool: true
unixhierarchysep: yes

and the partition names are equals.

If I try to open a sieve connection I see:

$ telnet 0 4190
Connected to 0.
Escape character is '^]'.
NO Fatal error: Error initializing actions
Connection closed by foreign host.

and the syslog says:
cyrus/sieve[31393]: can't use home directories

I think this is a consequence of the above issue, uhm...

Thank you very much


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