Question about squatter for Xapian

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Thu Jan 23 12:38:22 EST 2020

Good morning,

We have mailboxes indexed with Xapian. We run for that Squatter in rolling mode (-R) so that a log can create new index records while new mail enters.. is removed and so… Nightly too move records between tiers and so… 

In an emergency on one mailbox server, we moved traffic to what was the slave server, and from that moment obviously the master… but we did a mistake, we forgot setting in the new slave "sync_log: true" so no squatter rolling log was generated. We noted about it 12 hours later. As we have "search_fuzzy_always: 1” set all searches go through Xapian, so no indexed mail won’t never appear in the searchs run by the users. I think we could run squatter for indexing non indexed emails, but I was wondering : 

- Does it regenerate all mailboxes indexes?. Just the non-indexed emails?. I assume it should be extremely slow… so could this be launched?. Could you advise me please, if another way is preferred? 
- I assume not, but as we move records between Xapian tiers nightly… if the Squatter launched by me, by hand (for those non indexed emails), runs at the same time as this between tiers movement of records or at the same time too as the rolling mode squatter (-R) could one squatter process interfere in the job of the other instance of squatter?.

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