FWD: Confused about Deleted and Expunged

Horst Häberlen hh at promedia-sds.de
Fri Jan 17 10:33:22 EST 2020

Hi Patrick,

> Anything in the logs showing email being expunged? Look for Expunged 
> with the capitol E.

I found some entries like:
[...] cyrus/imap[5918]: Expunged 1 messages from test.tld!user.test.spam

What is the difference between the above entry and the below entry (lower and capital

[...] cyrus/cyr_expire[14039]: Expired 0 and expunged 0 out of 144674 messages from 818

The "Expunged" message should come from some imap-client (don't know which)? The
"expunged" are from the command line execution of "/usr/sbin/cyrus expire [...]".


Horst Häberlen
Kirchenstr. 16
74639 Zweiflingen

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